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Comcast Remote Guide Button Wont Work

comcast remote guide button wont work

Press the Setup button until the LED at the top of the remote changes from red to green. Press 9-8-1. The LED will blink green twice to indicate that the remote was reset. The factory reset unpairs your remote and TV Box, so you'll need to re-pair them. See the instructions for pairing your Xfinity remote and TV Box .

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On the new remote, nothing happens if we press Guide when the TV button is enabled, we have to press Cable for it work. This is a real pain as it means we have to toggle back and forth now to use that (we like to just leave TV enabled so that, by default, Power on/off operates the TV).

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The remote turns everything on and off just fine. It pulls up the guide, the list, the menu, and info. But the navigation buttons (left, right, up, down, select, page up, page down, channel up, channel down) don't work. The keyboard numbers have no effect.

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Fixing Non Working Buttons of Any Remote Control: Remote control buttons have a conductive thin layer beneath. As time goes by this layer may get damaged because of friction and loose conductivity. As a result, although the batteries are full and you apply great pressures on the button they do no...

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If your tv remote is acting funny, has a mind of its own, if the power button is not working, or two or three other buttons are non-responsive make sure you watch this video all the through.

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Remote Program: When you get the new remote, it needs to be programmed with your box to work. Without making any connection between the two devices the remote won’t work. Device or App problem: Sometimes the application or the device can have the communication problem, and resetting can be required for it.

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Antenna/signal transmitter broken: If your signal transmitter is somehow damaged or broken, the remote might not be able to transmit data correctly or it might do sparingly.This is physical damage. Remote not set correctly: Spectrum remote has several modes and options which allow the user to decide which device to operate. If the settings are not set correctly, you will experience several ...

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I bought my mom an orion tv. got it set up ok with comcast remote but now remote won’ t change channels under 100 manually. I can channel up and down and page up and down and las channel. but to type any channel under 100 it wont change to I.

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Factory Reset a Remote With the Setup Button. Press and hold the Setup button. The LED on the remote will change from red to green. Press 9-8-1. The LED will blink green twice to indicate that the remote was reset. Factory Reset a Remote Without the Setup Button. Press and hold the A button and the D button. The LED will turn from red to green.

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BTW I got the same result with comcast basic cable service and over the air roof top antenna. ... Comcast remote guide button doesnt work with vizio ... their website or by using the tv guide ...

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most buttons on my comcast remote do not work, only the on/off, volume, and mut button. I tried changing the batteries and then using another comcast remote but got the same result. I tried changing the batteries and then using another comcast remote but got the same result.

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In this guide you'll learn how to use your Comcast X1 Voice Remote Control. You won't only learn what commands to use for voice control and how to treat your remote like Alexa, you'll also learn what the main buttons on the remote do.

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If ALL the buttons on the remote control are not working, try replacing the batteries. Replace the batteries matching + and -ends to the label inside the compartment. Do not mix old or used batteries with new ones.

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My remote control all of a sudden stopped working properly. It still controls the TV just fine and it also turns off and on the STB, but I can't get the Menu, Info, Guide, DVR, FIOS TV buttons, etc. to work at all. I've already changed the batteries and it still works the same.

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Hi, I was wondering how I could use my comcast remote(Red select) to change inputs on my TV like HDMI 1 - HDMI 2 and so forth through the comcast remote it is programmed to the tv VOL/PWR but when I press TV/VCR button on comcast remote nothing happens i'd like to know asap and I will give full points to the person who gives me the soloution. My TV is a- Dynex™ - 32" Class / 720p / 60Hz ...

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Re: Pairing my xfinity comcast remote to my roku TV Pairing is for roku streamers and roku remotes. An aftermarket remote like xfinity might have a IR code that controls roku tv, it won't be a roku code, it'll be a tv code.

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Step 1: Press and hold the "Setup" button on the remote until the status LED changes from red to green. Step 2: Press "A" on the remote. If the status LED blinks green twice, you have successfully removed Aim Anywhere control. You can now use your remote to control other Comcast set-top boxes simultaneously.

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Press the Xfinity button on the remote; go to settings, then Remote Settings. Instructions will tell you to press the Xfinity and Remote buttons together, then wait for the green light. The code shown to enter will only activate certain features on the remote, but the code given in an answer above is the correct: 11756.

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While holding the TV button, you need to press the Ok button for a short time span and then release both of them at the same time. Now, you will see all of the three buttons will flash and the TV button will light up. Next, you need to tap and hold the Delete button. Now, the TV button will start blinking and will be turned off.

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Tried using the C button for sports and that works fine? This question, "B button on remote does not work," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment. For other news regarding B button on remote does not work, and XFinity - Comcast television equipment, see our recommended stories below.

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The guide is usually downloaded from one of your local PBS stations. If you are using the cable remote, the problem is either with the cable box or cable remote, not the TV. Again, the guide button on the Sony remote will NOT work with cable. It only functions when you re connected to an antenna, not cable.

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This remote does work w/it even thought it is not listed on their paperwork. It finds the code itself. I have had several of these and they last for a few years before they need to be replaced, which I do when the most frequently used button starts having a little trouble responding.

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XFINITY/Menu: Ingresa a los menús de la XFINITY/Menu: Enters the on-screen guía en pantalla. guide menus. Guide: Atajo a los listados de televisión. Page 2: Setup Codes For Tvs Soyo 11546, 11746, 11824, 11826, 3. Press the XFINITY button on the remote Durabrand 10463, 10180, 10178, 10171 Kenwood 10030, 10019...

Comcast Remote Guide Button Wont Work

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Comcast Remote Guide Button Wont Work